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Online Services

NY Mods is a subscription-based application for non-members providing them with the ability to access New York State employers’ experience modification factors. Other information, such as classification, issue date, and effective date, is also available for review on the selected record.

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The Manage Ownership application is an online tool enabling New York State employers to submit ownership-related information to the Rating Board for its review in determining the combinability of entities for experience rating purposes.

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The Financial Data Call application is a data submission tool providing Rating Board members with an intuitive and interactive means for submitting and correcting data in response to the Rating Board’s financial data calls.

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The Rating Board’s CPAP application enables New York State employers, agents, and brokers to electronically submit applications to the Rating Board for the Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program.

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The Manage Data application is a data submission application providing Rating Board members with a real-time solution for accessing and correcting data, searching employers’ historical information, creating a personalized work queue, viewing data submission-related analytics, and receiving timely notifications of deadlines, events, and other items of interest. Manage Data incorporates two intuitive dashboards – one for data submitters and another for underwriters. Both dashboards enable users to search and download employers’ experience modification factors as well as their rating worksheets.

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The Data Genie application is a data analytics solution, powered by IBM Cognos, for member insurers. Data Genie enables users to design their own data and benchmarking reports, run an assortment of aggregate data queries including the creation of loss triangles. Data Genie contains a pre-configured dashboard, which is fully customizable to suit each user’s specific needs and preferences. Further, several pre-programmed benchmarking reports, such as reports focused on frequency and severity, are available within the application.

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The Classification Digest 2.0 application provides users with access to class code information, such as current rating values, historical rating values and pure premiums, through an intuitive interface. The Class Digest contains a searchable database and enables users to conduct class research, compare classes with one another as well as with industry and statewide averages. Member insurers are also provided with the ability to benchmark their experience within a certain classification to the industry and statewide average experience.

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The Mod Estimator application enables stakeholders to input claim and exposure data to generate an estimated experience rating modification factor. Insurer members of the Rating Board can import claim and exposure data for their risks, or enter data manually for any risk, and save their work under their user profile as well as share worksheets with users within their carrier group. Further, when insurer members are granted the authority to view employers’ rating worksheets through the Letter of Authority application, claim and exposure data from those worksheets will become available for import into the Mod Estimator application.

Non-members of the Rating Board who have a subscription to NY Mods (e.g., brokers, agents, risk managers) can utilize their NY Mods log-in credentials to access the Mod Estimator application. These users can manually enter claim and exposure data to generate estimated experience rating mods as well as save and retrieve their work.

Non-members of the Rating Board who do not subscribe to the NY Mods application are able to access the public version of the Mod Estimator application and manually enter claim and exposure data to generate an estimated experience rating mod. However, these non-members will not be able to save their work and retrieve it at a later date.

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The Payments application aggregates member insurers assessment and fine invoices within one portal and provides a method of payment within the application.

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The Letter of Authority application enables New York State employers to submit authorization for third parties, e.g., insurance carriers, brokers, agents, risk managers, to obtain confidential records such as experience rating worksheets.

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