YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA, Institution – All Employees & Clerical



Code 9063 applies to employers engaged in operating a YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA.  This type of facility provides residential facilities, cafeteria or restaurant service, and recreational, social and educational programs, which may offer guidance and training by teachers and instructors in activities such as swimming, sports clinics, self-defense courses, various table or board games, dance classes, arts and crafts, and cultural, vocational or educational courses.

This classification is applicable to amateur, youth, or recreational sports in which the athletes are generally not paid.  It is assigned to coaches, managers, trainers, equipment managers, and sports officials.

The intent of “generally not paid” is to allow for incidental meal, travel and/or accommodation allowances for amateurs, which could otherwise be considered remuneration in determining if an amateur athlete is a professional.

Assignment By Analogy

• After school programs, schools
• Community centers, recreational centers, youth centers – arts, crafts, and other activities
• Senior citizen centers – exercise, dance, arts and crafts instruction

Operations To Be Separately Rated

  1. Camp operations.  Refer to Code 9048 “Camp Operation – Recreational or Educational – All Employees & Drivers.”

  2. Professional employees and semiprofessional sports.  Refer to Code 9178 “Athletic Team or Park – Non-Contact Sports” or Code 9179 “Athletic Team or Park – Contact Sports.”