Shall not be assigned to a risk engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 9522 are conducted as a separate and distinct business.  This restriction does not apply in connection with coffin or casket manufacturing, automobile body manufacturing or furniture manufacturing.


Code 9522 applies to employers engaged in upholstering automobile seats, backs and interior and covered tops and furniture such as sofas and chairs.  Caskets and burial garments are also contemplated by this classification.  Upholsterers use sewing machines and various hand tools to perform their work such as hammers, shears, pliers, staple and tack removers, staple guns and webbing stretchers.  The webbing stretcher is used for stretching the webbing and the fabric.

This classification is also assigned to the installation of automobile trim molding, striping tape and door edge guards.

Assignment By Analogy

• Lining or covering jewelry boxes with felt, velvet or quilted cloth materials
• Room dividers

Operations To Be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Coffin or casket:
      1.  Concrete.  Refer to Code 4034 “Concrete Products Mfg. & Drivers.”
      2.  Metal.  Refer to Code 3076 “Fireproof Equipment Mfg.”
      3.  Wood.  Refer to Code 2883 “Furniture Mfg. – NOC – Wood.”