Knit Goods Mfg. - NOC



Code 2362 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing knitted piece goods, gloves, mittens and narrow fabric type of trimmings such as those used for collars, cuffs and waistbands.  It also includes subsequent manufacturing of various articles of wearing apparel or household furnishings from the knitted piece goods.  Examples of such wearing apparel and household furnishings products include dresses, sweaters, neckties, underwear, hosiery, curtains and bedspreads.  Also, included under this classification is the manufacturing of elastic: ankle, back, knee, and wrist supports and bandages. 
The basic operations of this classification include knitting the yarns, usually by means of either mechanically or electronically controlled, flat or circular knitting machines or by the warp knit process.  In manufacturing wearing apparel or household furnishings from the knitted piece goods, the material is cut to size and pattern by electric cloth cutters, sewn by machine and then trimmed or finished in ribbon, bindings, buttons, zippers or snaps.  To produce gloves or mittens, yarns are knit on special automatic machines to basic shapes.  Tips of fingers are sewed closed and the product is turned right side out and final shape is given on steam or electrically heated forms.  This classification also includes any dyeing, bleaching, washing or steaming of the knitted materials or products prior to or after the manufacturing operations.

Assignment By Analogy

Operations To Be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Custom clothing.  Refer to Code 2503 “Custom Clothing or Tailor Shop – Alterations – No Mass Mfg., Dry Cleaning or Laundering.”   
    2. Knitted braid, fringe, chenille or tassel-type trimmings.  Refer to Code 2387 “Braid or Fringe Mfg.”
    3. Knitted household furnishings by an employer that does not knit the piece goods material.  Refer to Code 2553 “Furnishing Goods Mfg. – NOC – From Textile Fabrics.”
    4. Lace fabrics or trimmings manufacturing.  Hand knitting or crocheting of wearing apparel, household furnishings or trimmings.  Refer to Code 2388 “Embroidery Mfg.”
    5. Textile fabrics – by spinning and weaving or yarn for hosiery.  Refer to Code 2302 “Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.”
  2. Retail outlets operated by knit goods manufacturers for sale of knitted materials or products.  Refer to Code 8008 “Clothing or Wearing Apparel Store – Retail.”