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What is the Digital Library?
The Digital Library is a feature enhanced, database driven version of our Workers' Compensation Manuals, Plans and References. The conversion from text publications to database driven web applications is intended to benefit our Users, Members and Subscribers with faster, easier and more accurate information regarding the New York Workers Compensation rules, procedures and protocols. All of the information in prior PDF publications has been captured and retained; and in most cases this information has been enhanced either aesthetically and/or functionally.

What's New?
Noted changes to past procedures would include changing the page reference identification system from "page based" (e.g., R-1, R-50, R-70) to "paragraph based" (e.g., Rule 3 - Paragraph D). A new Revision History feature has been adapted in support of this new reference system. For instance, each Paragraph of each Rule now contains a complete history of revisions for that specific Paragraph while also retaining an archived history of prior versions of that Paragraph dating back to the Original Printing of the Manual. A listing of the latest revisions are available for the entire Manual by selecting the History icon at the top of the users screen.