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Class Code Information


Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers – Outside

Code 8742 is subject to the Standard Exception Manual Rule IV – Classifications of this Manual.  This classification is not available for division of payroll.


Code 8742 applies to salespersons, collectors or messengers performing duties away from the employer’s premises.  This classification does not include salespersons, who as a regular part of their duties, handle or display actual merchandise sold by the employer.

Assignment by Analogy

• Reporters, advertising or circulation solicitors
• Interior designers
• Medical or dental lab messengers
• Messenger service companies delivering envelopes, parcels or packages on foot.
• Recruiters

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Employees who deliver merchandise by vehicle.  Refer to Code 8751 “Route Salespersons and Route Supervisors” or Code 7380 “Drivers, Chauffeurs and Their Helpers – NOC – Commercial.”

  2. Inside salespersons who handle or display merchandise sold by an employer.  Assign the appropriate store or dealer classification.

  3. Salespersons selling exclusively from product displays, samples, sample boards, books or catalogs at employer’s display showroom or salesroom.  Refer to Code 8747 “Showroom Salespersons.” 

Industry Group

Professional and Office