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Class Code Information


Wrecking – Not Building or Marine Wrecking – All Operations to Completion

Applies to operations in damaged buildings, including incidental wrecking, shoring or other structural work and the handling of machinery.         

Code 8263 “Junk Dealer & Drivers” is not available for division of payroll with Code 5709.


Code 5709 applies to employers engaged in demolishing structures other than building wrecking and marine wrecking.  This classification is applicable to the demolition of bridges, tanks and towers.  It also applies to salvaging damaged buildings including incidental wrecking. 

Welding or cutting work when performed in connection with demolition jobs (not building or marine wrecking) is inclusive under this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

Welding – demolition cutting

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Building raising or moving, shoring, or underpinning buildings or structures.  Refer to Code  5703 “Building Raising or Moving – All Employees – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.” 

  2. Salvaging damaged buildings – no wrecking.  Refer to Code 8263 “Junk Dealer & Drivers.”

  3. Wrecking:
    1. Buildings – not marine wrecking.  Refer to Code 5701 “Wrecking – Buildings – Not Marine – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”
    2. Marine and salvage operations.  Ship dismantling.  Refer to Code 7394 “Diving – Marine – Program I,” Code 7395 “Diving – Marine – Program II – State Act,” and Code 7398 “Diving – Marine – Program II – USL Act.”


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