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Class Code Information


Stone Crushing & Drivers

Shall not be assigned to a risk engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 1710  are conducted as a separate and distinct business.


Code 1710  applies to employers that are engaged in crushing stone or gravel which has been dug or quarried by others.  Crushing is performed as a service to the employer’s customers. Stone can also be purchased from a quarry or gravel pit operator and custom crushed for customers. It includes operating portable mobile crushers.  

Stone or gravel is crushed to size but cannot be pulverized to a fine powder under this classification.  Equipment  such as gyratory, rotary, jaw or roll crushers are used to crush the stone or gravel.  After crushing is performed, the stone may be washed and/or screened.  The crushed stone is placed in piles and may be delivered by the employer or loaded into their customers’ trucks.

This classification also applies to concrete recycling centers that are engaged in crushing slabs or chunks of concrete that were removed by demolition contractors.

This classification shall only be applied when stone crushing is performed as a separate and distinct business and not incidental to other operations conducted by the same employer such as quarrying, phosphate works, dredging, ore milling, sand or gravel digging. 

Includes construction, repair or maintenance of all buildings, structures or equipment and the installation of machinery.

Assignment by Analogy

• Recycling or reclaiming concrete – crushing concrete slabs or chunks by recyclers
• Rock crushing – by service contractors

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Crushing stone incidental to manufacturing operation.  Assign the appropriate manufacturing classification.

  2. Dredging – all types.  Refer to Code 7333 “Dredging – All Types – Program I”, Code 7335 “Dredging – All Types – Program II – State Act,” or Code 7337 “Dredging – All Types – Program II – USL Act.”

  3. Hone stone, oil stone or soapstone manufacturing.  Refer to Code 1748 “Abrasive Wheel Mfg. & Drivers.”   

  4. Pulverizing stone or minerals to a fine powder.  Refer to Code 1741 “Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers,” or Code 1747 “Emery Works & Drivers.”

  5. Mining:
    1. Underground – with shafts, tunnels or drifts.  Refer to Code 1170 “Mining – NOC – With Shafts, Tunnels or Drifts & Drivers.”
    2. Surface mining.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.” 
  6. Ore milling, or phosphate works.  Refer to Code 1452 “Ore Milling & Drivers.”

  7. Quarrying.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.” 

  8. Stone:
    1. Crushing by clay, gravel, sand, shale or slag digging operator.  Refer to Code 4000 “Sand or Gravel Digging & Drivers.”
    2. Crushing by quarry operator.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.” 
    3. Cutting or polishing.  Refer to Code 1809 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – Marble or Limestone & Drivers” or Code 1810 “Stone Cutting or Polishing – NOC & Drivers.” 

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