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Municipal, Township, County or State Employee – NOC

Separately rate workers, mechanics or others engaged in manual labor or supervisors of construction work.


Code 9410 applies to municipalities that usually conduct a variety of operations which may be subject to separate classification code assignments.  The types of employees that are covered under this classification include outside Board of Health workers and employees engaged in inspection work, for example, inspectors of buildings, electrical inspectors, tax assessors and those employees engaged in laboratory work. 

This classification does not include any individuals engaged in manual labor associated with construction, repair or maintenance for the municipality.  This classification also does not apply to most persons working in courts, homes for the aged, hospitals, jails, libraries, parks, schools, and other agencies providing services for the municipality.  Clerical employees in municipal offices are assigned to Code 8810 “Clerical Office Employees – NOC.”

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Operations to be Separately Rated

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