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Class Code Information


Route Salespersons and Route Supervisors

Code 8751 is subject to the Standard Exception Manual Rule IV – Classifications of this Manual.  This classification is not available for division of payroll.


Code 8751 applies to route salespersons who engage in the solicitation and sale of employers’ product via routes in vehicles.  This classification includes route supervisors and incidental garage employees.

Assignment by Analogy

Route distribution of advertising materials and samples.

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Executive Officers.  Refer to Code 8809 “Executive Officers – NOC – Not Foremen, Workers or Salespersons.”

  2. Delivery of employers’ merchandise that has been sold on the premises of the employer.  Refer to Code 7380 “Drivers, Chauffeurs and Their Helpers – NOC – Commercial.”      

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