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Street or Road Construction – Sub-Surface Work – All Operations to Completion & Drivers

A complete road building job requires payroll division between Codes 5507 and 5506 “Street or Road Construction – Paving or Repaving – All Operations to Completion & Drivers”, along with any other classes contemplated by the work performed.


Code 5507 applies to employers that perform street or road construction involving sub-surface work.  This classification includes the clearing of right-of-way, earth excavating, and filling and grading when performed by the principal street or road contractor or other employer street or road subcontractors.  In connection with earth excavation, it is not uncommon that some detached rock or small boulders may be removed and broken up.

This classification also includes sand and gravel digging when performed by contractors as part of, and incidental to, its earth excavating and filling operations to place the roadbed at the proper grade.  Additionally, it is customary for contractors who cut and fill the final grade of the earth foundation to put in small bridges or culvers, provided that the clearance is not more than 10 feet at any point or the distance between terminal abutments does not exceed 20 feet.  Street or road contractors who widen or change the line or grade of the subsurface roadbed of existing streets or roads are also classified under this classification.  This classification is also applied to street or road construction contractors or specialist who excavate, grade, lay the crushed stone base and install concrete drains in connection with the installation of artificial turf for baseball and football stadiums.

Assignment by Analogy

• Dam construction or lock construction – roads – permanent – earth excavating
• Excavation – street or road – no rock excavating
• Municipalities, sub surface work – bed preparation

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Bridge building, bridge or culvert building where clearance is more than 10 feet at any point or the entire distance between terminal abutments exceeds 20 feet.  Refer to Code 5222 “Concrete Construction in Connection with Bridges or Culverts – All Operations to Completion.”

  2. Quarrying.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers.”

  3. Road paving.  Refer to Code 5506 “Street or Road Construction – Paving or Repaving – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  4. Rock excavation.  Refer to Code 5508 “Excavation – Rock – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  5. Tunneling - Pneumatic or Not Pneunamatic.  Refer to Code 6251 “Tunneling –  All Operations to Completion & Drivers."

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