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Wallboard Installation – Within Buildings – All Operations to Completion & Drivers


Code 5445 applies to employers engaged in installing sheetrock, wallboard, drywall and plasterboard in private residences or commercial buildings.  Some buildings may require fire resistant wallboard to be installed.  In residential homes, water resistant wallboard may be installed, especially in humid areas such as bathrooms.

Taping contractors are included under this classification.  This classification also includes installation of drywall partitions.

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Painting – interior – exterior – other than metal structures over 2 stories.  Refer to Code 5474 “Painting or Decorating – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  2. Sheetrock or wallboard installation:
    1. Performed by a contractor engaged in construction of a detached one or two-family dwelling at the same job or location.  Refer to Code 5645 “Carpentry – Detached One or Two-Family Dwellings – All Operations to Completion.”
    2. Performed by a contractor engaged in construction of a dwelling that is three stories or less.  Refer to Code 5651 “Carpentry – Dwellings – Three Stories or Less – All Operations to Completion.”

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