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Class Code Information


Airplane Mfg.

Code 3830 and Code 3832 “Sheet Metal Airplane Parts Mfg.” shall not be assigned to the same employer unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.


Code 3830 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing airplanes and helicopters.  The operations covered under this classification include the manufacturing of various parts such as engines, subassemblies, panels, doors, wing tabs, exhaust manifolds as well as other parts that are used in the production of the airplanes or helicopters.  Fuselage or wing production involves wiring of equipment received from others such as controls and navigation equipment.  Electrical systems, fuel lines and brake systems are connected, and landing gear is attached.  Sheet metal is cut to size and machined in accordance with blueprint specifications to form the body parts of the airplane or helicopter.

An employer assigned to this classification must fabricate or assemble airplanes or helicopters to completion, either with parts that they have fabricated themselves or with parts purchased from others.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Aircraft engine manufacturing only.  Refer to Code 3826 “Aircraft Engine Mfg.”                   

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing