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Fuel Injection Device Mfg.


Code 3581 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing devices used in vehicles or other equipment to monitor, meter or distribute fuel such as, but not limited to, carburetors, fuel pumps, super chargers, turbo chargers and throttle bodies.  

Raw material such as ferrous and non-ferrous cast bodies, steel and brass bars, sheet and tubing stock, paints, finishes and fabricated parts such as gaskets and screw machine parts are received from others or may be manufactured by the employer for use in their business that is subject to this classification.  Castings are machined by processes which may include drilling, threading and reaming.  Stock is cut and formed followed by secondary machining operations.  The operations involve considerable punch press exposure and a larger proportion of fitting and fine assembling utilizing hand tools.  The devices are then tested, inspected and packed prior to shipment to the employer’s customers.

This classification also applies to specialist repair shops engaged in rebuilding and repairing carburetors used in autos and trucks provided the shop does not remove and install this part on vehicles.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Automobile repair shops engaged in repairing vehicles for their customers.  Refer to Code 8391 “Automobile Sales or Service Agency – All Operations & Drivers.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing