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Class Code Information


Furniture Mfg. – NOC – Wood

Code 2883 and Code 2923 “Musical Instrument Mfg. – NOC – Wood” shall not be assigned to the same employer unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.

Code 2883 and Code 2881 “Furniture Assembly – Wood – From Manufactured Parts” shall not be assigned to the same employer unless the operations described by these  classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.          

Includes installation of billiard tables when installation is performed by the manufacturer.  Includes installation of audio or visual components by the manufacturer of wood cabinets for audio or visual devices.


Code 2883 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing completed wood furniture pieces or sets such as bedroom, living room and dining room sets, office furniture, billiard tables, console type audio cabinets, radio or television cabinets, piano cases, juvenile or nursery furniture, lawn or garden furniture, frames for upholstered furniture, tables, chairs, desks, wardrobe and other similar free-standing furniture items.

The operations included under this classification contemplate both the fabrication of the various parts on woodworking machines and the subsequent assembly of the components into completed furniture.  Also included is the finishing by staining, painting, varnishing, lacquering and polishing.  In addition, hardware such as hinges, pulls, locks and casters are attached.

Manufacturing wooden furniture parts such as legs, arms, seats, backs and similar parts are also contemplated by this classification. 

The repair of furniture when it is necessary to machine new parts as replacements for damaged or broken units is also encompassed under this classification.  The furniture parts are shipped to furniture manufacturers for assembly. 

Assignment by Analogy

• Billiard table
• Casket or coffin – wood – burial – includes the manufacturing of metal fittings
• Furniture stock

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:

    1. Architectural wood windows or doors.  Refer to Code 2817 “Cabinet Works – NOC – With Power Machinery.”
    2. Furniture produced from rattan, willow or twisted fibers.  Refer to Code 2913 “Rattan, Willow or Twisted Fiber Products Mfg.”
  2. Furniture Installation.  Refer to Code 5429 “Cabinet Works Installation – All Operations to Completion”, Code 5403 “Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion”, Code 5645 “Carpentry – Detached One or Two-Family Dwellings – All Operations to Completion,” or Code 5651 “Carpentry – Dwellings – Three Stories or Less – All Operations to Completion.”

  3. Furniture made of wood assembling and finishing using prefabricated parts purchased from others.  Furniture repair or conditioning from prefabricated parts requiring little or no woodworking machine operations.  Refer to Code 2881 “Furniture Assembly – Wood – From Manufactured Parts.”

  4.  Furniture refinishing only – without any repairing or reconditioning of furniture.  Refer to Code 9501 “Painting – Shop Only & Drivers.”  

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing