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Smelting, Sintering or Refining Lead & Drivers

Code 1452 “Ore Milling & Drivers”, Code 1430 and Code 1438 “Smelting, Sintering or Refining – NOC – Metals – Not Iron or Lead & Drivers” shall not be assigned to the same risk unless the operations described by these classifications are conducted as separate and distinct businesses.


Code 1430 applies to employers engaged in refining lead ores, lead manufacturing including red or white lead, and reclaiming used lead from items such as batteries, cables, or pipes.

Assignment by Analogy

Lead compound manufacturing

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1.  Manufacturing:

    1. Coke.  Refer to Code 1470 “Alcohol Mfg. – Wood & Drivers.”
    2. Lead sheets, pipe or shot from cast refined lead.  Refer to Code 3027 “Rolling Mill – NOC & Drivers.”
    3. Solder:
      1. In paste and flux form.  Refer to Code 4597 “Paste, Ink (Writing) or Mucilage Mfg.”
      2. In bars that are melted and poured.  Refer to Code 3085 “Foundry – Non-Ferrous.”
      3. In wire form, extruded by hydraulic press.  Refer to Code 1925 “Die Casting Mfg.”
  2. Furnace erection.  Refer to Code 5057 “Iron or Steel Erection – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”

  3. Mining.  Refer to Code 1624 “Quarry – NOC & Drivers” or Code 1170 “Mining – NOC – With Shafts, Tunnels or Drifts & Drivers.”

  4. Ore milling by crushing, concentration or amalgamation.  Refer to Code 1452 “Ore Milling & Drivers.”

  5. Smelting by an electric process (no blast furnace) to produce carborundum, artificial carbon, graphite, or other electric furnace products.  Refer to Code 1439 “Smelting – Electric Process.” 

  6. Smelting, sintering or refining metals other than lead or iron.  Refer to Code 1438 “Smelting, Sintering or Refining – NOC – Metals – Not Iron or Lead & Drivers.


Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing