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Class Code Information


Nursery Employees & Drivers

Includes incidental landscape gardening.


Code 0005 applies to employers primarily engaged in growing nursery stock such as bushes, trees, shrubs, sod and bulbs, in fields or in greenhouses. Operations consist of planting, fertilizing, watering, trimming, potting, repotting plants, and transplanting at the nursery location.

Harvesting of seeds, digging peat moss and hummus by hand, delivery and planting at the customer’s location(s) of products sold, are inclusive under this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

• Beetle control – ground work
• Christmas trees – planting, cultivating and harvesting
• Earthworms – breeding and harvesting
• Fish – farm, breeding, hatchery
• Turtles – breeding or raising

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Planting or care of lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs and flowers, grass cutting, weed control, lawn spraying, laying out grounds, and tree spraying or fumigating on a contract basis at customers’ premises. Refer to Code 0042 “Landscape Gardening – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  2. Tree stump removal, clearing the right of way or grading of land or excavation. Refer to Code 6217 “Excavation – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  3. Tree surgery or pruning operations at customers’ premises. Refer to Code 0106 “Tree Pruning, Repairing or Trimming – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  4. Building retaining walls, decks, walkways, patios, planters and benches. Assign the appropriate contracting classification.

  5. Garden centers or retail stores. Assign the appropriate store classification.

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