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Class Code Information


Awning, Tent or Canvas Goods Erection, Removal or Repair – All Operations to Completion & Drivers

Applies to operations away from the shop.

Applies to interior or exterior work, including the hanging of flags or bunting for conventions or celebrations.


Code 9539 applies to employers engaged in erection of canvas goods, awnings, or tents.  All types of awning such as plastic, canvas, or aluminum are contemplated under this classification. 

The employer will use the awning, canvas tops or covers fabricated by the employer or purchased from suppliers.  The materials to be installed are delivered by the employer to the customer’s location for set up.  The installation of these products is inclusive under this classification.  The repair of canvas goods, awnings or tents away from the shop facility is also inclusive under this classification.  This classification is also applicable to the decorating of meeting rooms, convention halls, parties, parade routes, political rallies and festivals.

This classification also applies where on a sailboat, the employer removes old sails and replaces them with new ones.

Assignment by Analogy

Wreaths – exterior – street decorating

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Installation:
    1. Bazaar booths.  Refer to Code 5403 “Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”
    2. Cardboard window display or curtains, tapestries or draperies from floor or stepladder.  Refer to Code 9521 “House Furnishings Installation & Upholstering – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”   
    3. Metal, plastic or wood signs.  Refer to Code 9552 “Sign Erection or Repair – Away From Shop – Not Outdoor Advertising Companies – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

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