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Amusement Device Operation – NOC – Not Traveling & Drivers

Includes ticket sellers or collectors and applies to the operation and maintenance of merry-go-rounds, swings, roller coasters and similar amusement devices not otherwise classified.
This classification is not applicable to amusement exhibitions or other operations separately classified in this Manual (such as bath houses, billiard halls, boat livery, bowling lanes, dance halls, garages, ice skating rinks, restaurants, retail stores, roller skating rinks, theaters, enterprises involving throwing balls or darts at various targets, miniature golf, batting cages, golf driving ranges, laser tag, paintball, archery ranges, shooting galleries using air rifles only, public tennis courts, bocce ball and ping pong parlors) whether operated by the owner or lessee of the exhibition or amusement park or through independent concession.


Code 9180 applies to employers engaged in operating and maintaining amusement devices such as shooting galleries, trap and skeet shooting ranges, and rides such as merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and live pony rides at permanent locations. 

Ticket sales for rides or other amusements are inclusive under the scope of this classification.  Employees may sell tickets from booths located on the grounds of the amusement park or at the ride.  Ride operators may collect tickets from customers before they board the ride or while they are getting situated before the ride begins.
Additional operations contemplated by this classification include canoe schools providing in-water training; white-water float trips; mountain climbing instructors and guides; hang gliding instructors who do not engage in the activity; water skiing exhibitions; water slide and wave pool operations; and race car drivers.  Cable chair sky rides and employees at winter sports areas engaged in alpine or downhill skiing operations are also contemplated by this classification.   

Repairs and maintenance of amusement devices are also contemplated under this classification.  However, depending on any contract between the ride owner and the ride manufacturer, maintenance and repairs may be performed by outside concerns.

Assignment by Analogy

• Park or playground operations
• Racing drivers

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Amusement park or exhibition operations.  Refer to Code 9016 “Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers.”

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