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Class Code Information


Clubs – NOC – All Employees & Clerical


Code 9061 applies to employers engaged operating clubs that are Not Otherwise Classified (NOC).  This classification is applicable to risks where many employees (excluding restaurant and bar employees) work indoors.

Clubs generally fitting the above description include business, social and athletic clubs in addition to fraternal societies or orders such as the Knights of Columbus, the B.P.O. of Elks and Masonic lodges.  These clubs may have extensive or limited facilities and services depending upon the type of club.

This classification contemplates any employees involved in the operation of the facilities typically found in a club.  This may include employees working in dining rooms, snack and liquor bars, lounge rooms, reading rooms, card rooms, billiard rooms, bowling lanes, swimming pools and those employees who clean or prepare sleeping accommodations and the employees that are entertainers for the club.

Assignment by Analogy

• Automobile clubs
• Beach clubs, chess clubs, veterans’ clubs
• Benevolent associations, faculty student associations
• Casino gambling and casinos without hotel operations

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Transport of patrons.  Refer to Code 8394 “Bus Company – All Other Employees & Drivers.”

  2. Casino gambling operations in conjunction with a hotel.  Refer to Code 9044 “Hotel – Casino Gambling – All Other Employees & Outside Salespersons.”

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