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Hotel – NOC – All Other Employees & Drivers


Code 9052 applies to employers engaged in operating hotels and/or motels.  The hotel may be operated year-round, as a resort hotel or on a seasonal basis.  The operation of retail gift stores, golf courses and parking garages is also inclusive under Code 9052.  This classification applies to all employees including front desk clerks, bellhops, maids, porters, elevator operators, managers, laundry workers, maintenance workers, telephone operators, store clerks, golf course employees, and garage employees. 

The maintenance of the hotel includes cleaning of the guest rooms.  Other employees such as maintenance workers and porters maintain the hotel facilities and grounds.  This classification includes desk clerks, bellhops, and store clerks who operate the gift shops, and managers.  Some hotels operate golf courses and parking garages for their guests.

This classification also contemplates the operation of boarding houses, motels, motor courts, tourist court cabins, apartment hotels and dude ranches.

Assignment by Analogy

Apartment house

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Restaurant Employees – including musicians, players or entertainers.  Refer to Code 9058 “Hotel – NOC – Restaurant Employees.”

  2. Transport of patrons.  Refer to Code 8394 “Bus Company – All Other Employees & Drivers.”

  3. Casino gambling operations, without a hotel.  Refer to Code 9061 “Clubs – NOC – All Employees & Clerical.”

  4. Musicians, players and entertainers when no restaurant or bar activities are conducted.  Refer to Code 9157 “Theatrical Production in Which Any Players or Entertainers Dance, Skate or Perform Acrobatic Acts – Players, Entertainers or Musicians” or Code 9159 “Theatrical Production – NOC – Players, Entertainers or Musicians."

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