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Camp Operation – Recreational or Educational – All Employees & Drivers


Code 9048 applies to employers engaged in operations of a camp for either children or adults.  Camp operations are most commonly conducted during the summer.  This classification includes camps that offer overnight accommodations. Members pay a fee to the employer to join the camp.

Activities such as swimming, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, tennis, karate, volleyball, basketball and softball are available to the members of the camp.  Counselors, employed by the insured, conduct the above activities.  Lifeguards assure the safety of the members when they are swimming in a pool or lake located on the campground.

Food for the campers is prepared by the kitchen staff or may be purchased from outside caterers.  If the camp offers overnight accommodations, a housekeeping staff is employed to maintain the rooms of the campers as well as change linens.  Maintenance employees maintain the campgrounds, and/or the equipment used by the members.

Summer camps that do not provide overnight accommodations offer the same activities that will be conducted at the campsite or at locations away from the campsite such as taking members to the beach, a public pool, or a horse-riding academy and on field trips.

Assignment by Analogy

• Boy or Girl Scout councils
• Community centers – camp operations away from centers – summer camps
• Day or resident camps

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Community and senior citizen centers – including arts, crafts, language instruction, gym and physical activities.  Refer to Code 9063 “YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA, Institution – All Employees & Clerical.”

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