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Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers


Code 9016 applies to employers engaged in operating amusement parks or exhibitions at a fixed location.  This classification includes the care, custody and maintenance of the premises, the operation of elevators or heating, lighting or power apparatus as well as security people, musicians, box office employees and gate attendants.  This classification does not include the operation of amusement devices, amusements or exhibitions or other operations separately classified in this Manual, whether operated by the owner or lessee of the exhibition or amusement park or by independent concession.

Assignment by Analogy

• Bungee jumping
• Expositions, fairs operations, trade shows
• Flea market – outdoor only
• Ski tows – equipment machinery operation

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Operation of amusement park devices and device operator.  Refer to Code 9180 “Amusement Device Operation – NOC – Not Traveling & Drivers.”

  2. Billiard halls.  Refer to Code 9089 “Billiard Hall.”

  3. Bowling lanes, ice skating rinks, and roller skating rinks.  Refer to Code 9093 “Sports Related Entertainment Facilities.”

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