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Hospital – Professional Employees

Code 8833 and Code 9040 “Hospital – All Other Employees” include the operation of a convalescent or nursing home when operated by a hospital at the same or an adjacent location.


Code 8833 applies to professional employees of all public or private hospitals.  Hospitals contemplated by this classification include general hospitals as well as those specializing in the treatment of specific infirmities.  In addition, this classification applies to other treatment facilities which provide inpatient stay and medical care such as abortion clinics, mental institutions, alcohol rehabilitation centers, foster homes, drug addiction centers and similar institutions. 

Convalescent or nursing home employees are also subject to this classification providing the facility is operated by a hospital.  Staff nurses who visit patients at locations away from the hospital are subject to this classification if it is not a separate and distinct business of the hospital.  Satellite dispensaries, emergency medical treatment facilities and clinics operating on the hospital’s premises are considered incidental to the hospital operation and are also subject to this classification.

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Home for the elderly or nursing facility – without medical staff.  Refer to Code 8866 “Assisted Living Facility – All Employees & Clerical.”

  2. Home for the mentally disabled, homeless, alcohol and drug addiction centers – without medical staff.  Refer to Code 8865 “Alcohol or Drug Rehabilitation Facility – All Employees & Clerical.”

  3. Non-professional employees of a private or public hospital including cafeteria and maintenance employees.  Refer to Code 9040 “Hospital – All Other Employees.”

  4. Nursing home – with medical staff.  Refer to Code 8829 “Convalescent or Nursing Home – All Employees.”

  5. Outpatient clinic and physicians operating an office not related to a hospital.  Refer to Code 8832 “Physician & Clerical.”

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