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Class Code Information


Physician & Clerical

Does not apply where inpatient overnight care is provided.


Code 8832 applies to employers that are medical providers that operate in a typical doctor’s office environment.  This classification contemplates physicians, dentists, other employees providing medical services, domestics or other maintenance personnel engaged exclusively in cleaning or maintaining the portion of an employer’s premises used for professional purposes and clerical office employees. 

This classification contemplates clerical operations, whether performed in the physician’s office or elsewhere, such as in a centralized location separate and apart from the areas where professional services are performed.  Employees of a physician’s office that is in a hospital, who are employed by the physician and not employed by the hospital, are assigned to this classification.  Maintenance employees exclusively cleaning or maintaining the employer’s professional office are also subject to this classification.

This classification also contemplates the operation of testing laboratories that conduct tests on specimens collected and submitted by patients or physicians.  After analysis, the test results are given to the patients or physicians.  This classification also applies to clinics providing treatment for patients with mental, emotional and/or substance abuse problems.  These outpatient clinics offer various therapies and counseling as well as medical attention.

Employers conducting house visits are incidental to this classification providing the employer also maintains a medical office to see patients.

Assignment by Analogy

• Acupuncturists
• Blood banks and donor centers
• Clinics – outpatient
• Podiatrists
• Psychologists or psychiatrists

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Overnight patient care facilities.  Refer to Code 8833 “Hospital – Professional Employees” and Code 9040 “Hospital – All Other Employees.”

Industry Group

Professional and Office