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Convalescent or Nursing Home – All Employees


Code 8829 applies to employers engaged in the operation of a convalescent or nursing home.  This type of facility has professional employees such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, doctors and dieticians, to care for clients that reside at the home.

Nurses and/or doctors administer medications to the clients when needed.  Dieticians recommend specific diets for clients who have special dietary needs and cooks prepare meals for the client’s requirement.  Clients may feed themselves in the dining area or may need to be fed if they cannot care for themselves.

Clients are bathed and/or dressed by aides if they are not capable of doing this task themselves.  Beds are changed, and rooms are cleaned.  At some facilities, hairstylists are available to provide grooming to the clients.  Security guards usually work around the clock to ensure the safety and security of the clients that reside at the facility.  The client’s laundry is cleaned in the facility’s laundry room or it may be contracted out to an outside laundering service.  Maintenance employees’ duties include, sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, change light bulbs and wash bathrooms.  When emergency medical care is needed clients are transported to the hospital by the employer’s ambulance (if any) or by an outside ambulance service.

This classification is also assigned to a convalescent or nursing home operated by a hospital provided that the home is located away from the hospital and not at the same location or adjacent to the hospital.

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Home Health Care:
    1. Professional employees.  Refer to Code 8854 “Health Care Services – Medical or Other Professional Services – Traveling.”
    2. Non-professional employees.  Refer to Code 9051 “Health Care Services – Daily Living Skills Services – Traveling.”
  2. Nursing or convalescent home operated by a hospital at the same location or adjacent to a hospital:
    1. Professional employees.  Refer to Code 8833 “Hospital – Professional Employees.”
    2. All other employees.  Refer to Code 9040 “Hospital – All Other Employees.”


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