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Class Code Information


Metal Scrap Dealer & Drivers

Includes the collection and reduction of non-ferrous scrap metals.  Shall not be assigned to an employer engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 8500 are conducted as a separate and distinct business.


Code 8500 applies to employers engaged in operations of collecting and reducing non-ferrous metal scrap.  Non-ferrous is defined as brass and copper scrap.  The employer will pick up non-ferrous metal scrap at the customer’s location or the customer may bring the non-ferrous metal scrap to the employer’s location.  Businesses as such may also collect and reduce iron or steel scraps (ferrous metals) provided the iron or steel scrap comprises less than 80% of the total weight of all materials handled.  At the employer’s site, items consisting of non-ferrous scrap metal are sorted, weighed and sold to metal recyclers.

Assignment by Analogy

Aluminum, bronze, red or white lead scrap, refining, smelting and reclaiming or recycling brass or copper

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Collecting and hauling garbage.  Refer to Code 9403 “Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Collection & Drivers.”

  2. Collecting, buying, and selling used:
    1. Iron or steel scrap.  Refer to Code 8265 “Iron or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers.”
    2. Paper stock, rags, bottles, bones, plastic, or rubber stock 80% of which consists of paper stock, rags, bottles, bones or rubber stock.  Refer to Code 8264 “Bottle, Rubber, Paper Stock or Rag Dealer – Second-Hand & Drivers.”
    3. Variety of paper stock, rags, bottles, bones, rubber stock, plastic, or metal and some iron or steel scrap.  Refer to Code 8263 “Junk Dealer & Drivers.”

Industry Group

Stores and Dealers