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Automobile Sales or Service Agency – All Operations & Drivers

Applies to automobile body repair shops.

When an employer operates an automobile repair shop with a convenience store (no self-service sale of gasoline), this classification is applicable and assign the appropriate store
classification.  This classification does not include the operation of a convenience store  that is also engaged in self-service gasoline.

Includes repairing, recapping, vulcanizing and mounting of tires on or away from premises.

Full or self-service gasoline.  Applies to retail gasoline stations that operate a combined full and self-service station at the same location.


Code 8391 applies to employers engaged in mechanical service, repair or body repair work on automobiles, vans, trucks or motorcycles.  Repairs and service is not limited to engine tune-ups, electrical lighting, starter or generator repair, tire mounting, balancing or alignments, lubrications or oil changes, glass installation, transmission, radiator or ignition system repair. Body repair may consist of removing panels, parts or chassis, realigning bent frames, assembling, welding or attaching replacement parts. Also included is the major mechanical system overhaul of vehicles including engines, transmissions, valves, ignition and electrical systems. Shops may perform installations such as brakes, mufflers, air conditioning systems or auto-detailing. Shops that provide vehicle road side assistance, service and repair are also included under this classification. 

This classification is also applied to the parts departments of automobile sales agencies that sell new or used vehicles.

Service writers are also included under this classification regardless whether they are located within the shop area or in a separate area away from the shop. 

This classification is also applied to car wash facilities including coin-operated or fully automated type, and to full service gasoline stations in which attendants pump the gas for the customer and may check tire pressure, fluid levels or clean windshields. 

Specialist shops that convert or customize pre-manufactured vehicles by cutting openings, installing or tinting windows, portholes, vents, shelving, stereos, fixed furniture, refrigerant systems, frames or bodies are also included under this classification.

Boat engine service agencies (not in conjunction with marinas, boat yards or docks) are also assigned to this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Automobile and automobile tires salespersons.  Refer to Code 8748 “Automobile Salespersons.”

  2. Towing motor vehicles principally to locations other than the owner’s repair facility.  Refer to Code 7219 “Trucking – NOC – All Employees & Drivers.”

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