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Class Code Information


Hardware Store – Wholesale


Code 7999 applies to employers engaged in the wholesale selling of merchandise such as nails, screws, bolts, washers, gaskets, brackets, locks, hinges, electrical outlet boxes, switches, fuses, plugs, sockets, hand or machine tools, portable electrical tools, plumbing fittings, mill supplies, and garden tools including power lawn mowers and snow plows.  The wholesale or retail mail order sales of hardware are included under this classification. 

Other types of risks included under this classification are wholesale dealers of items such as, radio or television parts, aircraft parts and accessories, air conditioning or refrigerator parts, automobile parts and accessories, oil burners and parts, welding supplies such as tanks, torches, welding rods and face masks, cutlery, sewing machine heads and parts and bicycles, unicycles, tricycles – including rental, incidental service or repair.

This classification also includes “ship chandlers” who are dealers in ship supplies and equipment such as engine room equipment, lifeboat supplies, navigational instruments and deck gear.

Assignment by Analogy

Automobile brake linings-attaching to bands or drums – no installation

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Wholesale or retail dealers principally engaged in selling:
    1. Plumbers’ supplies such as tubs, sinks, radiators, tanks, boilers, and other plumbing fixtures or equipment.  Refer to Code 8111 “Plumbers’ Supplies Dealer & Drivers.”
    2. Retail selling of foot powered bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, or bicycle parts.  Refer to Code 8025 “Bicycle Store – Retail – Including Rental, Incidental Service or Repair.”
    3. Wholesale selling of bicycle tires.  Refer to Code 8018 “Wholesale Store – NOC.”

Industry Group

Stores and Dealers