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Hardware Store – Retail


Code 7998 applies to employers engaged in retail sales of merchandise such as nails, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, gaskets, brackets, locks, hinges, electrical outlet boxes, switches, plates, fuses, plugs, sockets, hand or machine tools, portable electrical tools, plumbing fittings and garden tools and equipment including lawn mowers and snow plows.

In addition, hardware stores may also sell a variety of “non-hardware” items which include paint, wallpaper and allied supplies, small electrical appliances, kitchenware, china and glassware, sporting goods and automobile accessories or parts.  They may also rent floor scraping or polishing machines, rug or upholstery cleaning machines and similar equipment.  This classification also includes the sale of parts and supplies for radio and television equipment and locksmiths.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Stores principally engaged in the retail selling of:
    1. Paint, wallpaper and allied supplies, household electrical appliances, radios and television sets, kitchenware, china and glassware, or sporting goods.  Refer to Code 8017 “Retail Store – NOC – No Service of Food.”
    2. Automobile accessories or parts.  Refer to Code 8046 “Automobile Accessories Store – NOC – Retail & Drivers.”
  2. Repair or installation of household electrical appliances, radios and television sets by separate employees, at or away from the store.  Refer to Code 9519 “Household Appliances – Electrical – Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers.”

  3. A store which has separate employees engaged in sharpening or repairing ice skates, lawn mowers or cutlery.  Refer to Code 3632 “Machine Shop – NOC.”

  4. Internet and mail order sales of hardware to individuals.  Refer to Code 7999 “Hardware Store – Wholesale.”

Industry Group

Stores and Dealers