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Aviation – Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding or Scintillometer Surveying – Flying Crew

For prototype or experimental aircraft, assign exposure to the one aviation classification that best describes the nature of the aircraft being tested.


Code 7422 applies to flying crew personnel such as pilots, copilots, instructor pilots, navigators and others whose duties are associated with flight operation of fixed-wing aircraft.  Such operations are encountered in connection with student pilot instruction, aerial advertising (including skywriting and sign towing), and the operations of lighter-than-air craft (balloons).  This classification is also applied to the flying crew and photographers who are involved in aerial photography for mapping or survey work and the production of topographic maps.  This classification also includes helicopter flying crews.

Air ambulance operations conducted with fixed-wing aircraft are subject to this classification.  Medical personnel, employed by the air ambulance, who accompany patients in-flight are considered to be members of the crew and are assigned to this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

• Aerial firefighting
• Flight schools – including gliders
• Stunt flying, racing or parachute jumping

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Airports – security personnel supplied by contracting agencies including drivers.  Refer to Code 7723 “Detective or Patrol Agency & Drivers.”

  2. Air carrier – scheduled, commuter or supplemental – all other employees and drivers.  Air carrier – charter – all other employees and drivers.  Refer to Code 7403 “Aviation – Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding or Scintillometer Surveying – All Other Employees & Drivers.” 

  3. Aviation – Flying Crew:
    1. Air carrier – scheduled, commuter or supplemental.  Refer to Code 7405 “Aviation – Air Carrier – Scheduled, Commuter or Supplemental – Flying Crew.”
    2. Air charter or air taxi.  Refer to Code 7431 “Aviation – Air Charter or Air Taxi – Flying Crew.”
    3. Transport of personnel – in conduct of employer’s business.  Refer to Code 7421 “Aviation – Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer’s Business – Flying Crew.”

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