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Aviation – Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding or Scintillometer Surveying – All Other Employees & Drivers


Code 7403 applies to aviation ground personnel such as, but not limited to, maintenance and service personnel, cargo and baggage handlers, ticket sellers or information clerks at airports, air traffic controllers, and security personnel.  The personnel may be employed by scheduled air carriers, commuter air carriers, supplemental air carriers, or any other commercial aviation operators, including helicopter services.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Aerial photography other than mapping or surveying work – ground laboratory employees.  Refer to Code 4361 “Photographer – All Employees & Drivers.”

  2. Airline ticket offices – information and ticket clerk – no baggage handling or weighing – not located at the airport.  Refer to Code 8810 “Clerical Office Employees – NOC.”

  3. Air carrier – scheduled, commuter or supplemental.  Refer to Code 7405 “Aviation – Air Carrier – Scheduled, Commuter or Supplemental – Flying Crew.”

  4. Air charter or air taxi.  Refer to Code 7431 “Aviation – Air Charter or Air Taxi – Flying Crew.”

  5. Transport of personnel – in conduct of employer’s business.  Refer to Code 7421 “Aviation – Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer’s Business – Flying Crew.”

  6. Aviation – Flying Crew:
    1. Aerial application, seeding, herding or scintillometer surveying
    2. Aerial firefighting
    3. Aviation – NOC
    4. Flight testing
    5. Patrol, photography, mapping, or survey work
    6. Sales or service agency or student instruction
    7. Stunt flying, racing or parachute jumping

Refer to Code 7422 “Aviation – Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding or Scintillometer Surveying – Flying Crew.”

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