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Dredging – All Types – Program II – USL Act


Code 7337 applies to operations described in this scope that are conducted on waters subject to Admiralty jurisdiction.  Refer to Rule XII “Admiralty Law and the Federal Employers’ Liability Act” of this Manual for explanation of the Admiralty law and a description of Coverage Programs that pertain to this classification.

Dredging operations involve the cleaning, deepening or widening of a body of water.  Scooping or suction machinery is generally employed in the dredging process to remove sand, clay, mud or other material from the body of water that is being dredged.

This classification is assigned to the crew of the dredge, the pontoon crew, the shoreline crew as well as any employees who are on the shore distributing the discharged material while the dredge is operating in the area.  It includes the maintenance and repair of the dredge and its equipment by employees of the employer, regardless of whether such maintenance and repair are done at the location of the dredging work or when the dredge is pulled out of the water for hull repair by ship repairing contractors.

Assignment by Analogy

Cleaning services on water – oil spills

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Dredging – All Types.  Program II – State Act Benefits.  Cleaning services on water – oil spills.  Refer to Code 7335 “Dredging – All Types – Program II – State Act.”

  2. Dredging – All Types.  Program I – USL Act Benefits.  Cleaning services on water – oil spills.  Refer to Code 7333 “Dredging – All Types – Program I.”

Industry Group

Admiralty, Fela, Federal