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Trucking – NOC – All Employees & Drivers

It should be noted that there is an important distinction between Code 7219 and Code 7380 “Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers, and Their Helpers – NOC—Commercial.”  While both apply only if they are “Not Otherwise Classified,” Code 7219 applies to the transportation of goods not owned by the employer, whereas Code 7380 applies to the driving of vehicles and/or the transportation of goods owned by the employer. 


Code 7219 applies to employers engaged in delivering general merchandise or other products owned by others such as fuel, oil or milk.  The employer may be under contract with other businesses to pick up their goods and deliver them to the location designated by their customers or the employer may be available for immediate hire.

Drivers and their helpers drive to designated areas to pick up and load the merchandise on their truck.  The distance of destination varies depending on pick up sites and destination sites.  Once the merchandise is on the truck, the driver will deliver the merchandise to the location designated by the customer.  Merchandise is removed from the truck by the driver and/or helper or it may be removed by others not employed by the employer at the delivery site.  This classification also includes trucking of explosives or ammunition.

Messenger service companies that are engaged in local delivery of any parcels or packages that weigh over 100 pounds are subject to this classification.

Delivery service companies under contract with fulfillment centers that deliver parcels and/or packages to their customers’ designated location regardless of parcel or package size are subject to this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

  • Dynamite, explosives, smokeless powder dealer
  • Hauling logs or lumber by a specialist contractor
  • Mobile advertising displays
  • Rigging by trucking firms – incidental work
  • Snow hauling only – under contract
  • Towing service – principally to locations other than the owner’s repair facility
  • Transporting:
    • Automobiles by carrier truck or trailer
    • Boats
    • Horses
  • Tree hauling by a specialist contractor
  • Truck rental – with drivers

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Delivery of envelopes, parcels or packages by foot.  Refer to Code 8742 “Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers – Outside.”

  2. Messenger service companies - local delivery of envelopes, parcels or packages (must not exceed 100 lbs.) by bicycle or vehicle.  Refer to Code 7231 “Messenger Service Companies – Delivering Mail, Parcels or Packages – All Employees & Drivers.”

  3. Parcel package delivery from retail stores to customers’ homes.  Refer to Code 7197 “Trucking – Parcels or Packages – Home Delivery From Retail Stores & Drivers.”

  4. Storage of general merchandise belonging to others.  Refer to Code 8292 "Storage Warehouse - NOC."

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