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Class Code Information


Excavation – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers


Code 6217 applies to employers engaged in general excavation including ditch digging, burrowing, filling or backfilling.  Operations will involve the removal of earth, small boulders and rocks by power shovels, trench diggers or bulldozers and piling same at the job site for backfill.

Assignment by Analogy

• Soil – environmental remediation – spray, turn with earth moving equipment
• Debris removal – removal of debris left by a demolition contractor
• Stump removal – no street or rode construction or logging or lumbering

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Grading or excavation – in connection with street or road construction – sub-surface.  Refer to Code 5507 “Street or Road Construction – Sub-Surface Work – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  2. Mass rock excavation.  Refer to Code 5508 “Excavation – Rock – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

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