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Wrecking – Buildings – Not Marine – All Operations to Completion & Drivers


Code 5701 applies to employers engaged in building wrecking or demolition work other than marine wrecking, demolition of bridges, tanks, towers and other structures.  A building wrecking or demolition job is one where a building, chimney or steeple is razed, or where a floor, exterior wall or roof is removed.  This classification applies to wrecking or demolishing of all types of buildings such as private residences, multiple dwellings, lofts, apartments, hotels, office buildings, schools, stores, tenements, warehouses, etc.  

Wrecking includes all types of structures such as wood, wood-brick veneer, wood-stucco on lath, stucco on tile, brick, stone, concrete block or hollow tile with wood joints, brick, stone, concrete block or hollow tile with iron steel girders and reinforced concrete arches; brick, stone, concrete block or hollow tile with iron steel girders and wood joints, poured concrete – not reinforced, steel frame, mill construction or reinforced concrete.

Prior to the building being demolished, the demolition contractor will conduct an engineering survey of the site or contract the survey out to others.  Once the engineering report is complete, the demolition contractor will prepare a bid for the job.  When bid is accepted and all other aspects that are required are completed, the site will be prepared for demolition.  Temporary fences or walls are installed around the site to secure the area as well as any other safety measures that may be required.

Water, gas and electricity must be shut off in the building.  All pipes are capped and windows, including glass doors are removed.  If the building is to be imploded, explosive charges will be installed in the building.  This process may take weeks of planning to assure that the explosives detonate as precisely timed.  Some demolition contractors use bulldozers and will remove one floor at a time or use a wrecking ball to demolish the building.  Other mechanical equipment may be used such as concrete crushers, backhoes, front end loaders, cranes, etc.  Handheld equipment such as cutting torches, wrecking bars, picks, crowbars, saws, jackhammers and other related equipment may be used.  Clamshell buckets may be used to pick up the debris.  Debris will be removed by laborers and placed into dumpsters or may be sub-contracted out to others.   
Welding or cutting work in connection with building demolition jobs shall be assigned to this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

• Dam construction – Building wrecking – not marine  
• Military reservation – dismantling

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Removal:
    1. Asbestos by specialty contractor.  Refer to Code 5473 “Asbestos Removal Operations – Contractor – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”
    2. Machinery removal and relocation.  Refer to Code 3724 “Machinery or Equipment Erection or Installation – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.” 
  2. Debris removal specialty contractors:
    1. Remove debris left by construction contractors.  Refer to Code 5610 “Cleaner – Debris Removal – Construction or Erection.”
    2. Remove debris left by demolition contractors.  Refer to Code 6217 “Excavation – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”
  3. Wrecking:
    1. Marine and salvage operations.  Ship dismantling.  Refer to Code 7394 “Diving – Marine – Program I,” Code 7395 “Diving – Marine – Program II – State Act,” and Code 7398 “Diving – Marine – Program II – USL Act.”
    2. Not building wrecking or marine wrecking.  Refer to Code 5709 “Wrecking – Not Building or Marine Wrecking – All Operations to Completion.”

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