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Aluminum, Plastic or Vinyl Siding Installation – All Operations to Completion & Drivers


Code 5648 applies to employers engaged in installation of vinyl, plastic and aluminum siding.  Siding is the material that covers the outside walls of a building.  The most common types of siding installed are vinyl and aluminum as these materials are energy efficient and require little maintenance and care.

Siding contractors may finish newly constructed homes and buildings or re-side existing buildings.  New siding can be installed over old siding.  However, in many instances, the old siding is removed first.  Scaffolds and ladders are used in the installation process and are removed accordingly to finish the job.  Hand and power saws are also used in addition to drills, hammers, tackers, adhesives, galvanized steel or aluminum nails, staples and foils or tar paper.

Assignment by Analogy

Sheet metal siding – covered steel frame building construction

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Carpentry operations.  Refer to Code 5403 “Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion,” Code 5645 “Carpentry – Detached One or Two-Family Dwellings – All Operations to Completion” or Code 5651 “Carpentry – Dwellings – Three Stories or Less – All Operations to Completion.”

  2. Weather-stripping installation.  Refer to Code 5428 “Storm Door, Storm Sash, Screens or Weather-Stripping Installation – All Operations to Completion.”


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