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Roofing – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers


Code 5545 applies to employers engaged in roofing work, re-roofing and roof repairing and/or waterproofing on roofs sloped 10 degrees or more.  This operation is conducted by either a roofing contractor or a general carpentry contractor.  Materials used vary in the roofing procedure such as asphalt shingles, metals, slates, tiles, precast slabs or felt papers.  The employer’s employees remove old or broken shingles and install new ones in their place.  Loose shingles are fastened by nails and waterproof solution is added.  Waterproofing is conducted on roofs, roof insulation and decks made of composition planks and tile.  The installation of a new roof and the repair of old roofs is also contemplated by this classification.
In addition to the roof workers, this classification also applies to the employees working on the ground preparing the roofing materials, hoisting the materials, operating any machinery or acting as watchmen.  This classification also includes the cleaning of chimneys or furnaces from the roof.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Cleaning furnaces and chimneys from inside buildings.  Refer to Code 9030 “Building Service Contractor.”

  2. Gypsum pouring on flat roof.  Refer to Code 5213 “Concrete Construction – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”

  3. Roofing incidental to new building construction erected by same contractors.  Refer to Code 5403 “Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion,” Code 5651 “Carpentry – Dwellings – Three Stories or Less – All Operations to Completion,” and Code 5645 “Carpentry – Detached One or Two-Family Dwellings – All Operations to Completion.”


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