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Air Conditioning and Heating Duct Work – Shop and Outside – All Operations to Completion & Drivers

Not available for division of payroll at the same job or location to which Code 5538 “Sheet Metal Work Erection, Installation or Repair – NOC – Shop or Outside – All Operations to Completion & Drivers” applies.


Code 5536 applies to employers engaged in the fabrication, erection, installation or repair of duct work including the installation of air conditioning and blower units.  This work may be performed for residential or commercial concerns.  The heating and ventilation system may be designed by the actual contractor performing the work.  The contractor will go to the customer’s site, take the required measurements and then draw the prints for the job.  Sometimes, the customer will provide the contractor with the specifications indicating the duct work dimensions.  The ducts for heating and ventilation systems are fabricated from sheet metal stock, usually aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized sheet stock.  The gauge of the stock varies.  After fabrication, the ducts are transported to the job site for installation.   

Once the heating or air conditioning unit is installed, the water and electrical connections must be made.  These operations are usually performed by outside concerns.  When the unit is fully connected, the contractor will connect the unit to the power source and test it to make sure that it is operating properly.  The heating or cooling unit must be filled with a refrigerant to ensure proper working condition, and it is also necessary to have the HVAC unit sized correctly to achieve the proper airflow.

Assignment by Analogy

• Hot air – duct work and furnaces – household type – installation        
• Vacuum – central cleaning systems – duct type – sheet metal – custom manufacturing and installation

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Plumbing work.  Refer to Code 5183 “Plumbing – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  2. Electrical work.  Refer to Code 5190 “Electrical Wiring – Within Buildings – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

  3. Service or repair of HVAC units after installation.  Refer to Code 3737 “Machinery or Equipment Repair or Servicing at Customers’ Premises – NOC – All Operations to Completion & Drivers.”

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