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Iron or Steel Erection – NOC – All Operations to Completion

Applies to rigs or derricks made of metal, the construction of foundations or structures and the installation of equipment.


Code 5057 applies to employers engaged in a variety of installation or erection work not specifically covered by the other specialty iron or steel classes.  This classification is confined principally to groundwork where no structural operations are involved.  This classification applies to raising supporting beams and trusses on walls of masonry or concrete construction where such beams do not constitute a part of the steel structure.

This classification includes the setting up of iron or steel tanks that rest on the ground.  It also includes the erection of cylindrical tanks not resting on steel supporting framework.  This classification also applies to iron or steel work in connection with the installation of blast furnaces, railings, coal chutes and the placement of iron or steel fronts as alterations to existing buildings.

Welding operations are considered incidental to the main iron or steel work.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Erection:
    1. Or construction in connection with frame structures three stories or more. Refer to Code 5040 “Iron or Steel Erection – Frame Structures – All Operations to Completion.”
    2. In connection with dwelling or non-dwelling frame structures two stories or less.  Refer to Code 5059 “Iron or Steel Erection – Frame Structures – Not Over Two Stories in Height – All Operations to Completion.”
    3. Structural columns or pillars, wood rigs and derricks.  Refer to Code 5403 “Carpentry – NOC – All Operations to Completion.”

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