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Class Code Information


Candle Mfg.

Shall not be assigned to an employer engaged in operations described by another  classification unless the operations subject to Code 4710 are conducted as a separate and distinct business. 


Code 4710 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing candles, and other wax products such as wax chalk and sealing wax. Beeswax, paraffin, stearin, wicks and aniline colors are received from others. The wax is heated in steam-jacketed vessels or gas heated kettles into which wicks are dipped by use of dipping equipment which can be activated manually or automatically. When the candles attain the desired size and shape and have cooled, they are taken from the dipping cycle. After cutting the wicks, the candles are put into self-fitting end molds to shape the base. Color is then laminated into the candles by dipping operation. After cooling they are inspected, wrapped and packaged. Candles may also be manufactured in molds or hand decorated.

This classification also applies to employers engaged in manufacturing crayons. For the manufacturing of crayons, wax and pigments are mixed inside of heated vessels. The mixture is then poured or pumped into molds that are shaped in the form of crayons. After the cooling period is completed, labels are attached to the crayons. The crayons are then inspected, boxed and packed for shipment.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Furniture or floor wax.  Refer to Code 4597 “Paste, Ink (Writing) or Mucilage Mfg.” 
    2. Pencil stock, wooden pencils or penholders. Refer to Code 2841 “Woodenware Mfg. – NOC.”
    3. Wax from fats, oils or other raw materials.  Refer to Code 4665 “Rendering Works – NOC & Drivers.”
    4. Waxed paper – no coating with wax.  Refer to Code 4279 “Paper Goods Mfg. – NOC.”
  2. Waxed paper – coating with wax – no paper manufacturing.  Refer to Code 4250 “Paper Coating.”


Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing