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Class Code Information


Extract Mfg.

Includes distillation of essential oils.


Code 4628 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing dyewood, licorice, tanning, perfumery, medicinal or flavoring extracts.  This classification also includes manufacturing essential oils.
The type of manufacturing process that is included under this classification is the alcohol or heat process.  The manufacturing of extracts by the cold process is not included under this classification.

The raw ingredients received from others are flower blossoms, beans, berries, roots, herbs, fruit peels or rinds and alcohol.  Depending upon the product to be extracted, the required ingredients may be ground, crushed, pressed, cooked, steamed, percolated or distilled. 

In the case of perfumery extracts or oils, extreme care is required in the extraction of natural perfume from flower blossoms.  Extensive testing is required to obtain the proper blending proportions.  The extracts or oils are then mixed and blended for strength, consistency and color.

Also contemplated by this classification is manufacturing natural dye or tanning extracts.  Various dyewoods, vegetable barks, licorice roots, chestnut wood, sumac plants or bushes, twigs and leaves, and alcohol are received from others.  Depending upon the product to be extracted and the raw material involved, the required ingredients may be ground or chipped into small proportions.  

Assignment by Analogy

• Bottling – cleaning compounds such as soap and detergent – no manufacturing – filling bottles, cans or drums with liquid soaps  
• Malt extracts manufacturing – no bottling

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Detergents or soap – cake, granulated or liquid.  Refer to Code 4720 “Soap or Synthetic Detergent Mfg.”
    2. Dye – fabric, hair or shoe.  Refer to Code 4828 “Chemical Blending or Mixing – NOC – All Operations & Drivers” and Code 4829 “Chemical Mfg. – NOC – All Operations & Drivers.”
    3. Extracts – flavoring or medicinal – cold mix process.  Refer to Code 6504 “Food Sundries Mfg. – NOC – No Cereal Milling.”
    4. Incense – no manufacturing of ingredients.  Malt extract including bottling.  Perfumes – no manufacturing of ingredients.  Refer to Code 4611 “Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation – No Mfg. of Ingredients.”
    5. Perfumes – including manufacturing of ingredients.  Refer to Code 4825 “Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation Mfg. – Includes Mfg. of Ingredients.”

Industry Group

Chemical Manufacturing