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Class Code Information


Analytical Chemist

Includes laboratory and outside employees. 

Shall not be assigned to an employer engaged in operations described by another classification unless the operations subject to Code 4511 are conducted as a separate and distinct business. 


Code 4511 applies to employers engaged in testing various types of materials such as blood, soil, water, urine, bacteria, food, liquids, gas, and other specimens or other products that are received from others.  The materials to be tested are received from outside sources such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, manufacturers, etc., or may be taken in the field by analytical chemists performing work in the field.  Samples of the materials are tested in the laboratory for various findings depending on what type of material is being tested.  Also, samples that are taken in the field may also be tested at the same location where the sample was taken from.  A written analysis of the test results is then prepared and provided to the employer’s customers.

Assignment by Analogy

• Medical laboratories – independent – not at hospitals, medical facilities or physicians’ offices
• X-ray laboratories – industrial

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Dental laboratories engaged in making dentures.  Refer to Code 4692 “Dental Laboratory.”

  2. Testing – pipe welds – radiographic.  Refer to Code 4828 “Chemical Blending or Mixing – NOC – All Operations & Drivers.”


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