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Class Code Information


Plastics Mfg. – Molded Products – NOC – Assembling and Subsequent Finishing Only


Code 4476 applies to employers engaged in assembling and subsequent finishing only of manufactured plastic parts or products produced by the compression and injection molding process or by laminating under heat and pressure.  Some products may not require assembly and finishing and are virtually complete after the molding process.  In such cases, only Code 4475 “Plastics Mfg. – Molded Products – NOC” is applicable.

This classification is also applicable to an employer that purchases molded plastic parts from a manufacturer and only assembles and finishes them to form completed products.

The operations assigned to this classification involve hand or machine assembling of molded plastic parts or products by stapling, eyeleting or riveting, gluing and snap or force fitting, and also, any finishing operations which may be performed subsequent to the assembly such as painting or decorating.

Assignment by Analogy

• Automobile, aviation boat or ship models – hobby type – plastic
• Card tables
• Christmas tree decorations and ornaments – plastic
• Dice – plastic
• Film reels – motion picture – plastic
• Garbage or trash cans or receptacles – waste baskets – plastic
• Hair accessories – barrettes, clips, combs, curlers, rollers, etc. – plastic
• Ice cream scoopers – plastic

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Manufacturing:
    1. Plastic bags such as those commonly used to package consumer goods.  Refer to Code 4273 “Bag Mfg. – Paper or Plastic.”
    2. Plastic buttons.  Refer to Code 4475 “Plastics Mfg. – Molded Products – NOC.”
    3. Plastic eyeglass frames and lenses.  Refer to Code 4150 “Optical Goods Mfg. – NOC.”
    4. Plastic sheets, rods or tubes.  Plastic products by the extrusion process.  Refer to Code 4459 “Plastics Mfg. – Sheets, Rods, or Tubes.”
    5. Plastic – molded products produced by the compression of injection molding processes, or by laminating under heat and pressure.  Refer to Code 4475 “Plastics Mfg. – Molded Products – NOC.” 

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing