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Class Code Information


Baby Carriage Mfg.


Code 3865 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing baby carriages or strollers, doll carriages, bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, and bicycles, regardless of the type of raw material used such as metal, plastic, wood, fiber or reed.  This classification also includes woodworking, metal working and upholstering operations.

Raw materials such as steel tubing and aluminum stock are received from others and cut, bent, punched, drilled and assembled by welding to form the frame.  Other bicycle parts such as seats, wheels, chains, pedals and handlebars are added onto the manufactured frame. 

The in-shop repair of the items manufactured, and bicycle repair in a shop when not performed by a dealer, is inclusive under this classification.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Carriages – other than baby or wagon assembly and/or repair.  Horse drawn carriages manufacturing.  Push carts manufacturing.  Refer to Code 3808 “Automobile Mfg. or Assembly.” 

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing