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Class Code Information


Automobile Engine Mfg.


Code 3827 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing diesel or gasoline automobile, bus or truck engines.  The castings are drilled, planed, milled, and turned by machine then plated, ground, honed or otherwise finished to form the cam, head, crankshaft and cylinder block.  Cam, crankshaft, bearings, fans, gears, pistons and rings are assembled into block by power and/or hand tools.

The subassemblies such as carburetors, ignition units, generators, belts and hardware are received from others and installed by hand and power tools to form the completed engines.  Engines are inspected to assure proper operation, packed and shipped to the employer’s customer.

Assignment by Analogy

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Aircraft engine manufacturing.  Refer to Code 3826 “Aircraft Engine Mfg.”

  2. Engine repair on vehicles.  Refer to Code 8391 “Automobile Sales or Service Agency – All Operations & Drivers.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing