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Aircraft Engine Mfg.


Code 3826 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines or to the rebuilding of complete aircraft engines on an assembly line basis.  The basic raw materials include magnesium, iron castings, aluminum and steel forgings.  The equipment used in the manufacturing of the aircraft engines consist of lathes, millers, planers, shapers, boring mills, gear cutters, honers and lappers.  The castings and forgings are snagged, drilled, milled, planed, shaped, tapped, turned by machine, plated, ground, honed or hand-lapped to complete cylinder block, head, cam and crankshaft.  Cam, crankshaft, bearings, fans, gears, pistons and rings are assembled into block by hand and power tools.  The subassemblies such as clutches, carburetors, generators, ignition units, starters, transmissions, belts, and general hardware are then installed by using hand tools or by using power tools.  The engines are inspected, tested, packed and shipped to the employer’s customers.  The aircraft engines are sold to the aviation industry.

Repairing aircraft engines is included under this classification.  The repair of these engines is similar to manufacturing with the exception that the engine is received whole and not put on an assembly line to manufacture the castings.  The employer will receive the engines from their customers and will test for broken parts and defects.  The engines are taken apart and cleaned and worn or broken parts are either repaired or replaced.  If necessary, the parts or castings will be machined by tapping, drilling, turning or honing.  The engines are reassembled, tested, adjusted as required and sent back to the employer’s customers.

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Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Automobile engines manufacturing – diesel or gasoline.  Refer to Code 3827 “Automobile Engine Mfg.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing