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Automobile Mfg. or Assembly


Code 3808 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete automobiles, buses, ambulances, or motorcycles.  For automobiles, ambulances, and buses, the chassis and other parts may be fabricated by the employer or received from other manufacturers.  Raw materials such as metal parts are cut, punched and drilled.  Other parts such as wheels, tires, transmissions, engines, cooling systems, electrical systems and axle assemblies are assembled to form cars, buses, motorcycles and ambulances. After assembly, vehicles are spray painted, inspected and taken for a road test. Vehicles are then ready to be delivered to dealers.

This classification also applies to manufacturing or assembling golf carts, bumper cars used in amusement park rides, snowmobiles and skid or pallet jack trucks.

Assignment by Analogy

No Information

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Baby carriage manufacturing.  Refer to Code 3865 “Baby Carriage Mfg.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing