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Class Code Information


Machine Shop – NOC

Includes employees engaged in sharpening or repairing ice skates, lawn mowers or cutlery.


Code 3632 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing and repairing miscellaneous machines as well as general job machining of finished products and parts when such machines, operations, products or parts are not specifically described by another classification.  Shops engaged in the repair or machining of automobile parts such as engine blocks, brake drums and bumpers, lawn mowers and snow blowers are also included under this classification.

The basic operations consist of the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in various forms, other than sheet metal, including bars, rods, castings and forgings.  The machining operations are performed using equipment such as lathes, shapers, milling machines, planers, metal saws, boring mills, drill presses and grinders.  In conjunction with the manufacture of machines or other finished products, the operations also include incidental assembly of parts or components by welding, riveting or by hand as well as any incidental finishing by polishing, painting or electroplating.

Assignment by Analogy

• Button or buttonhole machinery manufacturing
• Commercial sewing machine manufacturing
• Explosives or ammunition – project or shell
• Ship building – iron or steel – machine shop – other than maintenance shop

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Foundry operations. Refer to Code 3081 “Foundry – NOC – Ferrous,” or Code 3085 “Foundry – Non-Ferrous.”

  2. Manufacturing:

    1. Electric motors for commercial sewing machines. Refer to Code 3643 “Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.”
    2. Electric motors for household sewing machines. Refer to Code 3179 “Electrical Apparatus Mfg. – NOC.”
    3. Sewing machines – household. Refer to Code 3179 “Electrical Apparatus Mfg. – NOC.”
    4. Sewing machine attachments only. Refer to Code 3113 “Tool Mfg. – NOC – Not Drop or Machine Forged.”
  3. Precision machined parts manufacturing provided that not less than 50% of all machining operations performed on these parts are held to final tolerances of .001 or closer as verified by the employer’s plans or specifications.  Refer to Code 3629 “Precision Machined Parts Mfg. – NOC.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing