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Class Code Information


Brass or Copper Goods Mfg.


Code 3315 applies to employers engaged in processing products made from brass or copper sheets.  The operations consist of processing of the brass or copper sheets by stamping, hammering, spinning, riveting and brazing and in some cases, to form products such as those listed below.  Polishing and plating of fabricated products is inclusive under this classification.

This classification also applies to cartridge or shell case manufacturing.  Strips of metal stock are fed through blanking presses to fabricate shell case blanks.  The first operation on the blanks is cupping and then drawings are made with annealing and washing between each draw.  The cupped and drawn cases are then sent to the annealing furnaces.  After drawing, the cases are trimmed, and the heads are formed.  (This is a press operation).  Primer holes are pierced, heads are turned, the nose taper is drawn, and the cases are given a final washing and inspected for length, size wall thickness, chamber fit, etc.  Any scratches are buffed and burred out. 

Assignment by Analogy

Metal spinning and stamping

Operations to be Separately Rated

  1. Explosives or ammunition manufacturing.  Shell  case loading or cartridge charging or loading.  Refer to Code 4771 “Explosives or Ammunition Mfg. – NOC & Drivers.”

Industry Group

All Other Manufacturing